What is the Effect of Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm ?


Before one week ago Google lunched Mobile Friendly Algorithm. This Algorithm effects only search results in mobile users. But in this 1’st Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm, it is not more effected in Mobile search. So we can wait some more times for this algorithm effects.
In below, Search Metrics have been shown table of the winners and losers visibility data.


Name of winners site in Mobile searches: overall gain in visibility is a TV Tropes site, a resource for fiction writers, with the largest amount of gain in visibility. and some other Entertainment Tonight, Foreign Affairs, JCPenney and Wired are also Visibility gainers.

Name of the loser’s site in Mobile searches: overall loss in visibility is the Reddit site which is the largest amount of loss in visibility & some other as NBC Sports, Vogue, Song Lyrics and Bloomberg Business.

In Google webmaster, there is also not showing more bad effect for Mobile search visibility.

Anybody can also write his thought about the Effect of Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm….

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