New Update in Search Analytics in Google Webmaster Tools


1-2 days before Google confirmed that Now mobile search has overtaken to the desktop search. On their Inside AdWords blog, he also said:

more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries, including the US and Japan.

For this change, Google has been launched new Mobile visibility algorithm for mobile search queries. So for this Algo updation now google makes some changes in his webmaster tools.

Find Search Analytics to measure impact:

By login in Google Webmaster Tools you will find a new report strature under Search Traffic called Search Analytics. See below as images:

yoast com mobile traffic

As you can see above, this new webmaster tools report which allows you to do a lot of awesome filtering options. One of the features I like a lot is the ability to filter by a keyword, compare it to a previous date range and also, like “mobilegeddon”, filtering deeper on top of that. For instance, we can see how many people reached our site searching for that particular keyword, also see comparing desktop versus mobile search. You can filter country wise search, should we want to.

Mobilegeddon search traffic - desktop vs mobile search

Comparing brand versus non-brand searches

When people use any brand name which keywords searches, then it’s more likely to click on this site in the results than otherwise.

compare yoast seo wordpress seo

Search Analytics – Search Type report

Another very useful new feature in this webmaster tools report is the Search Type filter. This feature allows us to look specifically for clicks from Video Search, something that’s very hard to measure in other ways.

search analytics video

You can also practically check about this new webmaster tools feature and put here your reviews.

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