Google Launches 1st time Custom Voice Actions as “Voice Search” For Third Party Apps


Now Google introduces new application first time for Android Mobile users. It this application google start Voice Actions to third party apps which allow to users for Voice Search in his Android Mobile.

You can also read a post directed from Android developers.

Today, we launched our first set of partners for custom Google voice actions on Android. This feature will enable people to say things like “Ok Google, listen to NPR” or “Ok Google, show attractions near me on TripAdvisor.” We’re currently piloting custom voice actions with a select group of partners, but we plan to open it up more widely in the future — and we’d love to hear your ideas for actions you’d like to implement.

The site Android Police dubbed the Google initiative word, “OK Google Everywhere.” In the future, Google has a thing about expanded the range of his developers and app publishers participating in Google Now, recently adding only 70 new apps.

Google can expand it for all types search Noice Queries on mobile devices as mobile friendly or not. These experiments can make better user experiences with much more functionality and better adapted for smartphones.

you can also write your reviews about this Voice Search.

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