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What is Pay Per Click(PPC)?

PPC is a web or online advertising technique which used to direct traffic to websites in search engine. By this technique you can find business lead soon. Means that time spent is directly promotional to get an advertisement clicked. It is a paid or non-organic search engine advertising service. PPC ads will display in search engine results when any person searches a keyword query and this keyword match from an advertiser's keyword list. PPC ads will be displayed till your account has a minimum amount to show in search pagesPay Per Click can be calculated by dividing the advertising cost as below:

Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) Ads clicked (#).

This technique is categorized into two types:

Flat-rate PPC:

In this model publisher or advertiser agree on a fixed amount that pay for each click without any change in amount. In this type advertiser has a rate card by which he can check ads value for different areas of their website.
Bid-based PPC:

In this PPC service, the advertiser can be fixed bid rate himself. when we submit our ads by account this ad has automated auction takes place by SERP through any search engine.
An advertiser pay for all click by any person, not is based by lead. Unusable click is also called click fraud and for these types click preventing Google and other search engine have implemented automated systems.
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