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What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is part of online promotion of any business or products. In this marketing we send a commercial mail to any person. In the mail we describe our business services or product details with special offers or latest advance used technology. Mail will be very impressive and attractive for persons. At this time, In the market many types email marketing software available. They are very effective and you can send in bulk in very few times. This marketing is also help in your business trust and popularity.

What are Types of email marketing?

Email marketing can be categorized in different types with mails:

1) Transactional emails

They are triggered based on a customerís requirement with a company.

This types mail is used for regular mail or news like Newsletters or publicly answer questions. Mail companies offer transactional email like promotional messages.

2) Direct Emails:

In direct emails companies send direcly by search peoples email IDs. We also save these mail IDs for feture also.

Importance of Email marketing:

1) People can directly contact you if he interested in your services or buy a product.

2) It is easy and in your budget also.

3) You can share these these emails in social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter where you have lots of friends and fans.

4) Email marketing gives high ROI than digital marketing with quick response.

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